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About AnaGel

About Us

Anagel™, ultrasound gel from Ana Wiz Ltd. We are a leading distributor of ultrasound gel throughout the UK and Europe. We supply numerous NHS trusts and Clinics as well as a large array of privately owned clinics and treatment centres.

What is Ultrasound Gel

Ultrasound gel is a water based medium used to conduct ultrasound waves in a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. The reason we need to use ultrasound gel is that ultrasound waves do not travel in air very well. The ultrasound gel needs to conduct the ultrasound waves with minimal absorption or distortion.

Normally a generous application of ultrasound gel is placed on the ultrasound transducer (the part of the equipment that transmits the ultrasound waves) or the patients skin that the transducer is going to come into contact with. This may be for an obstetric ultrasound scan or for ultrasound physiotherapy.

Ultrasound gel is usually of a fairly thick consistency to ensure that when it is applied to the skin or ultrasound transducer the ultrasound gel does not run off or dissipate too much.

Ultrasound gel is normally cold to the touch and for this reason it is sometimes warmed using ultrasound gel warmers to mitigate this cold sensation.

Cosmetic Anagel

Cosmetic gel is a more viscous version of the standard Anagel ultrasound gel. It is preferred by some therapists that use conductive ultrasound gel for laser and IPL treatments.